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Be wise, strain the wine, and trim distant hope within short limits. While we're talking, grudging time will already have fled: seize the day, trusting as little as possible in tomorrow."


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Wisdom lies not in the amount of knowledge acquired, but in the degree of its application!


CARPE DIEM BOOT CAMP is the brainchild of Mr. S C Jain, a veteran from Life insurance industry. He served the LIC of India, with distinction, for more than three and a half decades, during which he had wide exposure to areas as diverse as HR, Marketing, Finance, Corporate Governance and Training. He was the Director of LIC's Management Development Center, Mumbai and also the Director and CEO of LIC Housing Finance Ltd. Mr. Jain also held the Chair of Life Insurance at National Insurance Academy, Pune.

Presently, he works as visiting faculty to various Management Training Centers and Business Schools. He is also Director on the Board of many prominent companies. What has prompted Mr. Jain to launch CARPE DIEM BOOT CAMP is his firm belief that employees possess enormous potential for growth. And this can be converted into capability and competence and utilized for organizational growth, only through training and re-training. He has had a first hand experience of how some of the best intentioned initiatives, and even well thought out plans for meaningful training come unstuck and get diluted. This has led him to realize that there is a crying need to redefine training both in terms of its conception and the manner of its execution. He also strongly believes that if the India growth story is to continue unhindered, people need to be skilled, re-skilled and up skilled in order to cope with the talent crunch that the country is beginning to face today and which in the days to come is sure to become more pronounced and acute.

He has a core team of seasoned cross industry experts who possess loads of experience of running large organizations and turning them around, and proven metal in delivering high quality and high impact training. Their experience runs across diverse fields. With their proficiency in the use of the latest tools and techniques of training, including experiential learning, they are able to ensure that the training is really effective and meaningful and proves to be an enriching experience to the participants. Apart from the core team, CARPE DIEM BOOT CAMP also has on its panel a number of carefully chosen independent experts who act as outsourced faculty for specialized inputs on certain subjects.

It is in the process of forming collaborative alliances with some of the well-known training establishments in and outside the country.

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